Buying Exhibition/Breeding Budgerigars

Please Note - We have recently sold all of our budgerigars.

For stock enquiries, please contact either Alan Adams - 07968 287708 or Sam Wildes - 01283  545426 or 01283 544669

We wish all of our friends within the fancy successful breeding and show seasons in 2012

Most people start breeding budgies as something pretty to look at in an aviary in their garden.  Many then become interested in the exhibition side of the hobby.  When starting out we would never advise spending a lot of money on initial stock, the reason being it is better to learn the basics of breeding budgerigars from a larger number of less expensive birds, as opposed to a small number of expensive pedigree budgerigars.  Always remember that budgerigars are colony breeders and tend to breed better in greater numbers.

Once you have started to produce your own stock you will hopefully be able to sell some of the lesser quality birds to enable you to purchase fresh blood to improve your stock.  If you are generally happy with your breeding results it is worth sticking with the breeder where you purchased your initial stock from.  Many people make the mistake of shopping around and end up with mixed bloodlines that donít gel well together.  This can seriously slow down your progression towards breeding quality exhibition budgerigars.