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We often got asked to give talks on budgie related subjects, and it would usually take the form of a Question & Answer session, so we thought that we would use this section of the Budgie World website to offer advice with regards to specific budgerigar related questions you may have.

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  • Exhibiting budgies - Colour classifications, show preparation, rules and regulations etc

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Name: Elly Email: cute_angel_alert@hotmail.com
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Country: AUSTRALIA  IP Address:  Date: 8 May 2007 01:28:57 GMT

Comment: hi,is it true that male budgies learn to talk better and faster than female?and how do you tell female and male budgies apart?thanksElly

Hi Elly,

This is a very good question, and probably the one most asked by people when looking to buy a pet budgie.  Most books say that cock budgies make better pets and are easier to teach to talk, however we have spoken to many people who have successfully taught hen budgies to talk.  A definite fact worth noting is that hen budgies can peck much harder than cocks, which can mean they are more difficult to tame in the early stages.  The reason they can (and do) peck harder is not necessarily because they are more nasty than cock budgies, but because in the wild, it is the hen that chews the wood to make a nesting site Ė hence they have stronger beak muscles.

The easiest way to tell male and female budgies apart is by their cere (the fleshy nostrils just above the beak).  As a general rule a cock budgieís cere is blue and a henís is brown, however there are some contradictions to this rule.  Albino & Lutino males have pink ceres, and an out of condition hen can sometimes have a partially blue cere !!!  The best advice is to try and buy your budgie from a reputable breeder who should be able to talk you through and show you the differences.  After all, pet shop owners and members of staff canít all be experts on every animal they sell.

I hope this answers your questions.

Name: Lynda Email: lynda_parker@optusnet.com
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Country: AUSTRALIA  IP Address:  Date: 23 May 2007 20:49:32 GMT

Comment: I'm writing from Australia where we're going into our cool - but brief - Winter. Our nights are getting cold but the days are remaining warm. However, my budgie is pulling out her back feathers no real reason. I keep her by a window away from the draft, regulate the lighting and keep her to a good solid routine so that she's happy. However, we've had a cat around that killed a Rainbow Lorikeet in the backyard in the last fortnight and that's never happened before. We've had cats around and she's been stalked by them, but we've never had a cat attack wildlife at my townhouse. I'm not sure what to do. I noticed the lack of back feathers today and she losing more smaller ones all the time; she just pulls them out - hurting herself. I don't know if it's because she's lonely or if it's because of the stress of having a cat nearby.

Could you please shed a little light on this?


Hi Lynda,

Your budgie's problem does sound stress related to me, and a change of location would be the quickest and easiest thing to try first.  This may help if she can see cats from where she is currently located.  It's unusual for budgies to remove feathers from their own backs.  A bored or broody hen will usually take feathers from their front (between legs and chest).

Another possibility is that your bird was feather picked by her mother when she was in the nest.  If so, this is a hereditary problem that would be passed on to the offspring and is very difficult to cure.  There are a number of anti-peck products on the market, but in truth, they are rarely effective.  We have often been advised to try applying a solution that is designed to stop children from biting their own nails, but we've never tried this yet.

Hope this helps?

Hey Darren,

Since I've e-mailed you, my little Stevie has been re-growing feathers in her back. She's still touchy and skin is sensitive; but she's getting there. The cat that terrorised the Rainbow Lorrikeets hasn't returned fortunately and I suspect somebody else did something about it; as once a preditor, always a preditor. The birds returned after I sprayed a repellant around the bottom of the fence and anywhere the cat can get in and cayene peppers in my front garden to really stuff up their noses (the latter was suggested by a friend of mine who had cat problems where they pooed all through her herb patch). I'll keep you guys up to date with her health.

Thank you for your quick reply across the miles.


Name: Joanna Linden Email: lindenjm@hotmail.co.uk
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Country: UK  IP Address:  Date: 4 Jul 2007 15:23:49 GMT

Comment: I have large new flat on 4th floor of building near harbour front, often very windy with all rooms facing harbour and 2 balconies in open plan living/kitchen area. 4legged, furry pets are not allowed, but landlord will permit quiet birds.  I live alone and home much of the time, but spend most hours in living room area.  I am worried about the long list of hazards and requirements in budgie books.  Lifelong animal lover,many pets in past,need advice on whether I can reasonably provide good home for budgie.

Hi Joanna,


It sounds to me like a budgie would make an ideal pet for your needs.  Iím always amazed when I go abroad at how many apartments and flats have budgies out on their balconies singing away (it always makes me think of home!).  Iím not sure what the long list of hazards would be, but keeping a budgie should be quite simple compared to almost any other pet I can think of.  That's probably why budgies are the most popular pet bird in the world!


Kind regards, Darren.

Name: Scott Lowater Email: scottyl_18@hotmail.com
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Country: AUSTRALIA  IP Address:  Date: 16 Jul 2007 06:14:24 GMT

Comment: Do you have any budgie boredom ideas? For caged budgies indoors

I guess the obvious answer to relieve the boredom of a single caged budgie would be to introduce a partner (another budgie), however this could be tricky due to the age of your existing bird and its willingness to accept another budgie into its environment.  If your current budgie talks, then it is likely that this will stop if it has another budgie to talk to. 


There are many products on the market that also help to relieve boredom although I would urge you not to fill the cage with too many of these as to prevent your budgie from being able to move around and exercise freely.  Two or three toys should be sufficient and you could possibly rotate them with new toys every few weeks.  Itís also worth noting that if you have either a mirror or an artificial budgie in the cage, your budgie is far less likely to talk as it will chatter to either the toy bird or the mirror. 


If it is practical to let your budgie out of its cage, this should also help to relieve some of the boredom.

Name: Tracey Email: tracey1@hotmail.com
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Country: ENGLAND  IP Address:  Date: 17 Jul 2007 15:23:46 GMT

Comment: My budgie nuttie is 11 1/2 years old. For the past year she has lived on the top of the cage as her claws arent working too well and she sits on her 'forearms'. She is now getting unbalanced on her legs and is falling over alot but once she gets her balance shes ok. Her breathing is getting more difficult now ie. when she flys her chest is going so fast and noisy but she still is happy and chirpy.Is this normal for her age and is there anything I can do to make her better or more comfortable?

Congratulations!  Your budgie has obviously lived a long and happy life to reach such a great age.  Unfortunately breeding budgies and those kept in flights rarely live to this age and hence we tend not to see the symptoms that you are describing.  However it is my opinion that there is probably very little extra that you can do to make your budgie any more comfortable than she already is.  The chances are that any veterinary involvement could probably serve more harm than good.  The most important thing is that Nuttie can still manage to eat and drink and whilst she remains chirpy, this is a good sign.

Name: SAMANTHA Email: sammartn@msn.com
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Country: ENGLAND  IP Address:  Date: 18 Jul 2007 16:32:20 GMT

Comment: i have just purchased 2 budgies whhich i thiught they were girls but they keep feeding each other and kissing so now it is making me wonder one has a purple cere and the other one has a lightish purple cere which is getting lighter so can anyone tell me what sex they both are please?

The colour of a budgieís cere is the source of much confusion when it comes to sexing a bird.  Most people know that a cock budgieís cere should be blue and a henís should be brown, however a henís cere is most likely to change colour throughout its life and even over relatively short periods of time as it comes into and out of breeding condition.  Different varieties (colours) of budgie can also have different coloured ceres, for example a lutino or albino (pure yellow or white with red eyes) cock budgie will always have a pink cere and it will never be blue.


It does sound to me like your budgie with the purple cere is a cock bird and the one with the lightish purple cere is quite possibly a hen bird that is coming into breeding condition.  If this is the case, the hen birdís cere should also have quite a lot of white showing which will turn to a dark brown over time.  However, depending on the age of your two birds it could just be their cere colours are simply going through changes until the birds reach maturity.  I guess only time will tell for sure.  If you would like to email us some pictures of your two birds, we can attempt to make a more accurate assessment of their sex (and we can even publish the pictures here on the website for others to see).

Name: Sanora Email: sanora@xtra.co.nz
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Country: NZ  IP Address:  Date: 30 Jul 2007 02:57:37 GMT

Comment: HI, MY pure white female budgie wont lay eggs and she has been breeding with a green male budgies for a while, there is a nesting box ans she goes in2 it but has never layd, "why is this?"


Iím assuming that the hen budgie is of breeding age 8 months plus is the average.  The chances are that your hen budgie is not actually in breeding condition, and is simply using the nest box as a convenient place to rest.  Budgies are by nature pack animals and are spurred on to breed by the noise of others breeding and the right climactic and feeding conditions. 


My advice would be to remove the nest box for a time and start to gradually introduce some different types of seed to supplement their basic diet (ask you local stockists for suitable seed types, but a small parakeet mix could offer a good variation).  This should bring out their natural instincts to breed due to there being a good selection of natural foods available for them to feed their young.  After 3 or 4 weeks of this, try to re-introduce the nest box, but donít actually allow them to enter the box.  One idea is to place a piece of cardboard over the nest box hole with a small hole in the middle of it (about 10mm diameter).  If the hen is really keen to breed, she will chew her way into the box.  If she doesnít chew her way in, take the piece of cardboard away after 2/3 days.  It also a good idea to place a handful of wood shavings into the nest box.  Most hens throw this out on to the cage floor as part of their nest box preparation before they lay eggs, but again it reproduces their natural instinct to bore out a nesting place from a tree in the wild.


She should start to lay eggs after 10 Ė 15 days.  If this fails, I would suggest that you take the nest box away until you see signs that maybe she is more keen to breed, i.e. the cock and hen feeding each other or the hen trying to chew any piece of wood she can lay her beak on !  Good luck.

Name: sarah holmes Email: slmholmes@hotmail.com
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Country: UK  IP Address:  Date: 31 Jul 2007 10:53:33 GMT

Comment: I have just bought a new budgie from a pet shop. We were told it is between 8 and 12 weeks but it has a blue beak. Does this mean it is older? The budgie also doesn't make any chiping sounds and is quite thin. We have since found out it has mites and is being treated for this. Could this be the reason why it is not making any noises. Would it still be possible to teach the budgie to talk if it is older than 12 weeks? Thanks! Sarah

Hi Sarah,


It is possible that your budgie is only 8 Ė 12 weeks old, and it could have a blue beak (cere), but this could actually mean that itís a hen!!!  This is the problem with buying young budgies.  Despite all that you read in the books and magazines, a young cock budgie (8-12 weeks old) will almost certainly have a pink or pinkish blue cere.  The problem comes from the young hens that tend to have a more defined white/blue cere.  I have just taken a look at our own birds of this age (about 40 in total), and almost all of the cocks are still pink and over 50% of the hens are blue and would look like cocks to the untrained eye.  It's very difficult for pet shop staff to accurately sex budgies at this age, in fact even the most experienced breeders sometimes get it wrong.


The fact that your bird had mites is worrying, as this is an easy problem to eradicate and should not be present in a well cared for stud.  I think once the mite problem has been resolved, your budgie should start to put on some weight and in turn will get happier and hopefully start to make some noise.  You could try placing the budgie in a room where there is a TV or radio playing, as they do like to compete with other noises that are around them.


Your budgie could still be taught to talk if it is older than 12 weeks, but it does get harder the older the bird is.  Does it have a closed ring on its leg?  If so, this should have this years date on it Ė i.e. 07, so you would know that it canít be much older than 6 months.  I wish you good luck, and hope your budgie starts to chirp and talk soon.

Name: Sue Email:                             
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Country: UK  IP Address:              Date: 4 Aug 2007 15:49:17 GMT

Comment: hi chaps.
im a tad confused by our two budgies. we had a blue budgie called buddy and then we got a girlfriend for him. . . they had eggs but each time nothing happened , apart from lulu would go nuts and attack buddy when the eggs are laid.
when we got buddy he had a blueish nose but now its brown and so is lulus. they both had very brown noses at one point. .are they both girls ??? buddy does all the mating jump on jump off stuff. are they gay?? my daughter is quite put out by this. haha
we had to take buddy out of the cage as he/she
was getting beaten up by lulu.

what do you think i should do. take out the box as the eggs in there have been about 3 weeks and last time lulu broke them up and eat the shells.
i feel quite sorry for buddie , if hes a girl hes very confused too.
thanks for your time , ive sent an attachment of buddy, lulus still sitting on the eggs so couldnt get her.

Hi Sue,

On the strength of the photos, I can say with about 95% certainty that Buddy is a girl !!!  The reason for the 5% doubt is that some cock birds (usually older birds) can develop a brown cere if they are suffering from a liver condition.  But Buddy looks perfectly healthy to me, so heís a she.  This would explain the eggs and the fact that they never hatched.  Sometimes hens will go through the process of mating with each other, but I donít necessarily think this should be classed a gay activity, in fact Iím sure that if either of them were in the presence of a cock budgie, this would quickly sort out their sexuality!


It sounds like Lulu is the dominant hen, hence why Buddy is getting beaten up by her.

With regards to what to do next; the breaking up and eating of eggs will repeat again if you donít take the eggs away, although this will not cause any long term damage.  In fact it will indicate that Lulu has realised that the eggs are not going to hatch and it should provide an ideal opportunity to remove the nest box and break the egg laying cycle.  Longer term options include introducing two cock birds and splitting them off into pairs, preferably in separate cages, or you could simply remove the nest box and hope they loose the urge to lay eggs and they can then hopefully get back to living happily together again.


Kind regards, Darren.

Name: steve and melissa Email: smka96@yahoo.com
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Country: USA  IP Address:  Date: 6 Aug 2007 03:08:54 GMT

Comment: I have a male budgie and we got him about 3 months ago from a pet store.He has always been really friendly and never bit anyone. Now for a week or so you can't even hold him he will bite you and not let go I don't know what has happened can you tell me what is wrong with him and how to fix it. My 2 little girls love the bird to death but now they can't even hold him now Thank you melissa and steve

Hi Melissa & Steve,


This is a tricky one.  We donít often see major behavioural changes in our budgies due to us keeping so many of them together.  The two main areas I would advise you to look at would be the birds environment and your feeding regime.  If either of these have changed recently, it would be worth going back to how things were before to see if that improves things.  One thing to look for would be whether you have recently provided any new toys for your budgie?  A toy bird or mirror would act as a substitute partner, and that would make him possessive and aggressive to humans.  If there are any toys in his cage that he is showing an unhealthy interest in, I would remove them and see if this helps.


I wish you luck with this problem and would love to hear back from you if this advise has helped.


Kind regards, Darren.

Name: Leanne Email: leajem@yahoo.co.uk
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Country: UK  IP Address:  Date: 22 Aug 2007 21:00:34 GMT

Comment: Hi, Don't know if you can help. We have a 4 year old female budgie (snowy) she has recently started moulting and tonight has started to be sick. At first it was just dry seed and then it was seed with some kind of mucas. I can't tell if she is acting differently as she is moulting which obviously makes her feel off colour. We called the vets and they said that there wasn't much they could do and we would need to find a specialist.

Hi Leanne,


Itís very difficult to diagnose a bird based upon the information provided.  Itís a shame that your vet couldnít offer more support, as ideally someone needs to take a look at you budgie before offering an expert opinion.  The thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the general wellbeing of the bird, i.e. is she still eating and drinking normally?  Is she still active and flying around?  If the answers to the two questions is yes, then it could be something as simple as her coming into breeding condition and producing the mucas as if she was feeding her chicks.  If however she is sitting in her cage all fluffed up, then it is probably something more serious and she will need to be look at by an avian specialist veterinarian.  Sorry I couldnít be more specific with a diagnosis.


Regards, Darren.

Name: samantha Email: sgarkandy@hotmail.com
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Country: CANADA  IP Address:  Date: 23 Aug 2007 16:56:33 GMT

Comment: My budgie (female) has been acting a bit wierd. It all started when i was trying to teach it how to talk. I said slow and easy words. After a while she was doing something funny with her wings. It kept biting her feathers and everytime i tried to put my fingers on the cage her eyes got smaller (pupil) and it started trying to bite me as if i was an enemy! and it normally doesn't do that? Whats wrong with it?

Hi Samantha,


I think your budgie is either seeing you as a possible mating partner or a threat to something else that she wants to mate with (possibly a mirror/something shiney or a toy bird).  My first advice would be to clear the cage of anything that could be acting as a surrogate mate, or anything that she can see her reflection in.  It may then just be a case of being patient and hoping that itís a phase sheís going through, before she returns to her old self.


Regards, Darren.

Name: Paul Email: 
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Country:   IP Address:  Date: 24 Aug 2007 10:30:21 GMT

Comment: Hi, i have a 8week old baby budgie. she's started knawing on picture frames when she's out flying. i was wandering if there is anything i could do to stop this, or if there is any way to stop her from landing on them?

Hi Paul,


Hen budgies are renowned for chewing wood.  Itís what they do in the wild to build their nests.  At 8 weeks old she seems a bit young to be doing this?  It usually starts a 6 months +.  My advice would be to make sure that she has natural wood perches in her cage.  We always recommend 1 round perch & 1 square perch, preferably in softwood (must be untreated).  If the round perch is doweling, she probably wonít be able to chew through it, but sheíll definitely have a go at the square perch.  Itís better to have to keep replacing a few wooden perches than your picture frames !!!  Good luck.


Regards, Darren.


Name: Brianna Email: nicole.brianna@hotmail.com
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Country: CANADA  IP Address:  Date: 29 Aug 2007 04:43:26 GMT

Comment: Hi. I have a young budgie. I have been talking singing and reading to it. And always call his name. I would hand feed it. I then decided to take it out of its cage. The problem was when i took it out and held the perch beside it it would sit on it and than fly away! :S i tried letting it sit on my finger but it wouldn't. I don't know if its scared because it would eat out of my hand and it would let me gently touch it. Whats wrong with it? Thank you!

"There is nothing wrong with your budgie but depending upon his background will very much depend on how long it will take before he calms down.  My advice would be to firstly get your budgie used to sitting on your finger when heís in his cage.  He should be more comfortable when heís in his cage and obviously wonít be able to fly away and you can keep trying with him until he becomes comfortable being around your hand.  Obviously donít make any quick or sudden movements with your hand whilst it is in the cage, in fact if you can just leave your hand in the cage resting there for a while, his inquisitive nature should mean that he will want to come and have a look.  He may also have a little nibble of your fingers but this would be a good sign and is all part of the training."

Name: aya karamany Email: ayakaramany@yahoo.com
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Country: EGYPT  IP Address:  Date: 29 Aug 2007 16:39:05 GMT

Comment: Helloo,im writing to you from Egypt,usually as i read from a book that the breeding season here starts in autumn ...we are now in the end of august (as u know) and breeding season is starting soon in september...I have had 2 budgies ,a hen and a cock for like a month or 40 days ....the male has a very dark blue cere and tends to peck over the perches, the water tube and the cage bars i guess he is in breeding condition ...the female had a chocolate brown cere when i bought her but now her cere is a very light pale blue one...i don't know why did it change...i can see the cock is trying to flirt with her by pecking her beak eith his and moving his head up and down and moving from perch to another ...i saw him try to feed her yesterday...they never fighted but again they never showed signs of mating...the nest box is hung in their cage since i got them but none of them ever looked inside it...i also spray bath them occasionally and give them fruits and veggies ..their seed diet is made up from 3 different kinds of seeds...im sure they are both old enough to breed well but i just don't know why don't the mate...their cage is big it's 55cm x 43cm x 33 cm , its like double size the common cages....do you suggest that I buy another hen and another cock and put them with them or will this cause alot of trouble?  im deseperate for help! please advice me Thank you =)

Hi Aya,
Itís great to hear from a budgie breeder in Egypt.  It does sound like both of your birds are fit and ready to breed.  Your situation also sound familiar to when I started breeding budgies.  I had 2 pairs but neither bred for me.  I was advised to get more birds, and a friend of my father gave me 5 pairs which I put in an aviary and they all then started to breed.  My advice would be to get another pair but donít put them together or they could start to fight.  It would be better if you could get another cage and position it so that all of the birds can see each other and learn from each other.  I would also remove the nest box for a period of about two weeks and then refit it in a different position in the cage (or possibly even try a different type of nest box).  This should spark their naturally nosey nature to go and take a look at the newly positioned nest box.  Ideally the nest box should be added at the same time the second pair is introduced, if you decide to do this.  I hope this information helps and I would like to hear back from you to see if things have improved Ė good luck.

Name: chris field Email: cs_field@hotmail.com
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Country: UNITED KINGDOM  IP Address:  Date: 21 Sep 2007 08:02:33 GMT

Comment: I have a chatty budgie, who displays symptoms of being ill, he is not chirping anymore, and his "mess" is a green liquid color. His breathing seems faster, although he still has a fly, it really takes it out of him. Have you got any ideas what we can do. We are giving him vitamin drops in his water to try pep him up. But just wondering if there is a underlying problem. My other budgie in the same cage seems unaffected, but to be safe, has been moved to a separate cage. Any help is appreciated.

Itís very difficult to analyse these kind of problems from the symptoms you have provided.  Everything you have done so far sounds ok and my best advice would be to take him to the vets for a proper diagnosis.  We tend not to treat our budgies with any pills or potions so I donít feel in the best position to offer you advice in this area.  We are quite lucky in that we donít get many sick birds and the problems are usually stress related with either the very young or the very old and the first action we always take is to isolate them away from the flock and ensure they have easy access to good budgie food, millet sprays, tonic seed and obviously clean fresh water.

Name: Janice Shaw Email: janice.shaw@sparc-group.com
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Country: DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES  IP Address:  Date: 10 Oct 2007 08:13:41 GMT

Comment: One of my beautiful budgies has just laid 5 eggs - the 1st one hatched yesterday. Should the tiny babies make any sound at all when first born please? I have not been able to look into the box since the baby was born as mummy is being over protective. I heard a very sweet little sound and just wanted to check if this is normal? Thank you Janice Shaw

Hi Janice,


Yes, everything sounds normal to me.  If the first egg hatched after 18/19 days then hopefully the others will follow every 2 days until theyíve all hatched.  The babies will tend to chirp when they first hatch and when they are hungry.


We give our breeding pairs something known as softfood, which is a mainly egg based product that you add water to, although it sounds like your current diet will probably be sufficient for their needs.


Good luck.

Dear Darren


Thank you for your very prompt reply.  Just out of interest what is the  egg based product that you use yourself?   The one I have is a dry product (perhaps I could add water to that too Ė maybe that would be better) but I have seen Applepie tucking into the dry product.   Another suggestion I was given from my avian vet was to hard boil an egg and crush egg and shell up and give for additional calcium.  They also get some brown bread added in at night.  Am I right that the whole egg should be given (shell and all?).

Again many thanks for your help here.

What is your advice about looking into nest box, as it is extremely difficult to do so as Mummy is in there virtually all the time and I do not want to upset anybody inside!!

Kind regards



Hi Janice,


The egg food that we use is Orlux http://www.orlux.be/Nutri/Nutrition/Pages/Products/index.jsp?ran=2593&pro=3659&fam=-1&ani=-1


You can use boiled eggs and when I was younger, thatís exactly what I used to do.  I would grate the eggs (including shell) along with grated carrot and bread crumbs to make my own soft food for the breeding pairs.  But when you have 300 budgies this becomes to much work so we changed to an off the shelf product with a good nutrient balance.


We check our nest boxes twice a day from the time the hens start to go in them, so it becomes a routine that they get used to.  There should be no reason why you shouldnít move the hen to look at the chicks and eggs.  Theyíre pretty robust animals and weíve never had a problem that could be attributed to us interfering with the hens in the nest boxes.  Bright lights shouldnít cause any problems either, but I canít say that Iíve used the flash on a camera in a nest box, so I canít comment on that.


I hope this info helps.


Dear Darren


Thank you so much for your advice Ė it really does help.  I peeped in last night and there was my ďfirst little chickĒ - - so so tiny and cute.  I heard the chipring later in the evening too so I hope this is a good sign for the future.  Second is due today.  Your idea of grating the carrot and adding the egg and bread is a good idea.  At the moment they get the whole bread and carrots to chew on !!


I myself have 14 budgerigars, 1 baby and 5 cockatiels.  I have  built an indoor aviary taking up one third of my lounge so I walk in and mix with them all like as if I was one of them.  They are now all used to me and sit on my head and hands and have become amazingly tame Ė it is incredible what patience can achieve.  They are my true little friends.   I have also treated many sick birds and brought them back to good health which always makes me feel so good inside.


How long ago did you start breeding? I am trying to imagine 300 budgies and the sound !!!! Ė incredible I am sure.


Again thank you so much for your help Ė really appreciated and very good luck to you.


Kind regards



Name: Pauline Email: axis.info@tesco.net
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Country: ENGLAND  IP Address:  Date: 12 Oct 2007 12:33:54 GMT

Comment: My friend has a budgie that is behaving abnormally. It is a yellow female, with red eyes - only a few months old. The budgie used to fly around the room, but recently it flew into a wall and fell onto the floor. Since that time the bird has been unable to fly! My friend has taken the bird to the vet, but the vet does not know what is wrong - probably not a bird expert. Do you have any suggestions please. The bird has been given all the usual food requirements to keep her in good health.

I can tell you that your friendís budgie is whatís known as a lutino (all yellow body with red eyes) but as to her problem I canít say that I have ever come across anything like this.  Providing the bird is in good general health, I would give it time to recuperate and hopefully it will regain the ability to fly again.

Name: rosie Email: rosiebower@hotmail.co.uk
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Country: UK  IP Address:  Date: 5 Jan 2008 13:24:26 GMT

Comment: i dont know where you can get budgies please write back soon! thankyou from rosie

Many pet shops sell budgies, however my recommendation would always be to find a local breeder in your area.  If you drop me an email with your location I will check for you to see if I know anyone in your area.  Alternatively if you look at our budgie links page you will see a link to the Budgerigar Societyís website where they have a very useful pet locator for budgies.

Name: Laura Dale Email: x-missdale-x@hotmail.co.uk
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Country: UK  IP Address:  Date: 6 Jan 2008 14:32:27 GMT

Comment: I have a male budgie and lately he spends most of his time in front of the mirror I read that this was a sign of budgies being lonely. He's almost 3 years old and I was wondering whether it would be a good idea to get him a mate but i am worrying whether he would bully her because she would be much younger. Is this usually a problem? Kind Regards Laura.

Unfortunately this is one of the problems caused by having a mirror in a cage with a pet budgie.  It always seems like a good idea and they look cute whilst chatting away to the mirror, but my feeling is that they create an unhealthy bond with themselves.  What I mean by this is that the budgie will, for want of a better phrase, fall in love with itself thereby making it more difficult for you to tame your budgie or to introduce another.  I would try removing the mirror initially and see how your budgie reacts to this over a period of two to three weeks.  If he seems unaffected by the loss of his mirror you could then look to introduce a new mate after two to three months.  If after removing the mirror, he becomes miserable you may need to reintroduce the mirror but my advice would still be to try and wean him off the need for a mirror over a longer period of time.

Name: Ineke Warner Email: Ik_19@yahoo.com
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Country: ENGLAND  IP Address:  Date: 11 Jan 2008 23:19:38 GMT

Comment: Hello Darren, I am thinking about getting a budgie as a pet, but am a bit confused regarding if it is better to get one, or a pair of budgies. I am not that interested in having a budgie talk, but would like to be able to interact with him/her/them quite a lot, so would need to be tame. And if the advice is to get one, is this okay for the budgie? I want to make sure my budgie(s) are as happy as possible. And would a mirror make the budgie less tameable? Kind Regards, Ineke Warner

Firstly please see my comments above with regards to my thoughts on mirrors in budgie cages.  There are thousands of people around the world that keep only one budgie on its own in a cage and they seem perfectly happy providing they have a big enough cage and are kept in a suitable location, i.e. not in any draughts.  I think you will find that the question of having one or two budgies in a cage is always going to be a compromise.  I think one budgie will always be tamer than two but I canít help feeling that two budgies together would probably be happier birds.  My best advice would be to buy a cage that is suitable for two but only buy one bird at first and see how he/she settles in over a period of around six months.  You could then take the decision to introduce a second budgie without the first one being too set in its ways as to not accept the new mate.  This will also hopefully have the effect that the first one will be relatively tame by the time you introduce the second one.  I hope this information helps.

Name: Ruth Email: ruth238@googlemail.com
Welcome Page:  http://www.budgieworld.co.uk.27.html  
Country: SCOTLAND   IP Address:  Date: 28 Feb 2008 12:08:45 GMT

Comment: We have two Budgies which are coming up to being a year old - I think one of each sex and the one we believe to be the male is constantly - what looks like arounsing / rubbing itself against its perch - usually when looking at itself in the mirror - any ideas is it just coming into being sexually active or could it be ill in some way ??? was concerned it may have an infection or something but to look at it it looks fine - they are both healthy and bright in character and get out to excercise everyday and are not short on vitamins etc - would love them to breed

I think your intuitions are correct and it sounds like the male bird is coming into breeding condition.  Unfortunately because you have a mirror in the cage it sounds like he is more interested in himself that he is in his mate!  I would try taking the mirror out and see if he turns his affections to the other budgie.  If this happens you will hopefully have a chance of them breeding together.  If things go well and he does show an interest in his mate, then I would advise that you never re-introduce the mirror or he may yet again revert back to looking at himself.

Name: Jessi Email: 
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Country: CANADA  IP Address:  Date: 25 Mar 2008 00:09:40 GMT

Comment: I have two Budgies. I am not able to tell if they are both boys, girls, or the opposite gender. Buddy(the first budgie)looks like a girl, although I can him a boy. Sunflower, the second budgie, looks like a girl as well. Sunflower has a mainly dark brown cere with alot of white on it. Buddy has a pal purple cere. Could you clear this up? Thanks.

"As I have mentioned before when answering other questions regarding sexing budgies, it can be very difficult with boys looking like girls and girls looking like boys.  I still get it wrong now even though Iíve seen many thousands of budgies in my lifetime.  It is especially difficult to determine the sex of some young budgies although once they reach maturity at around six months old, an experienced eye can usually tell what they are.  It does sound like Sunflower is a girl and Buddy is a boy but without seeing them itís not possible to be sure.  Feel free to email me some pictures and Iíll try and give you a definitive answer."

Name: TRACY HALVERSON Email: tracyh@kol.co.nz
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Name: jo Email: goldengrape@hotmail.co.uk
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Country:   IP Address:  Date: 8 Jun 2008 19:08:51 GMT

Comment: i am thinking of buying a budgie but i am a bit worried it will mess up the house and poo on the carpets when i let it out does this happen? Also how do you get a untamed bird back in its cage?

Name: tracey jones Email: crackersaboutcheeseandfoof@hotmail.com
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Country: UK  IP Address:  Date: 15 Jun 2008 18:39:15 GMT

Comment: We are fairly new to aviary bird keeping and have had difficulties getting our budgies to roost in their night quarters in these warmer summer months. In the winter the birds took themselves inside but will not do so now. Any advice welcome.

Name: carl Email: carlthornhill@hotmail.co.uk
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Country: ENGLAND  IP Address:  Date: 16 Jun 2008 17:34:23 GMT

Comment: hi ,can anyone tell me why my budgie has gone from a really vibrant blue to a green colour i did not know that once a budgie had gotten all its feathers it could change colour he still has some blue but only on his tail and a bit on his chest but he used to be all blue,i dont understand ...is this normal and does anyone else have a colour changing budgie oh and hes got a yellow head as well know used to be blue ...weird

Name: syed Email: indi_phat@hotmail.com
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Country: CANADA  IP Address:  Date: 3 Jul 2008 19:45:21 GMT

Comment: hey, i just brought 2 budgies yesterday. i cant tell if they are both a girl or a boy. eversince i bought them, they are all quite, and always staying on the same spot for hours. they dont talk to eachother, or eat much. they dont play with anything, and i've never seen them fly! also their feathers are fluffing, and they are looking kinda fat! one of them just sits around, and looks very fat(fluffy)!is this because i didnt give them a bath yet?is this normal?is there something wrong with them? im not even sure if they fall asleep at night(i cover their cage with a cloth so they feel safe). what should i do?

Name: Derek Brown Email: dbro8@fsmail.net
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Country: ENGLAND  IP Address:  Date: 22 Jul 2008 10:05:55 GMT

Comment: Do budgies bath in sand or grit? My new budgie has just climbed in to the feeder box on the cage floor and seems to be happily bathing (making a fine mess as well!)

Name: nine19 Email: hellodemetra@gmail.com
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Country: USA  IP Address:  Date: 23 Jul 2008 23:13:22 GMT

Comment: I might be moving to dubai in early 2009 and I am desperate to bring my budgie with me. Is it possible to travel such a long distance with my budgie (about a 13 hour flight)? Also, is it even legal to transport a domestic pet there? Thanks for your help!

Name: josie Email: jo-c123@hotmail.co.uk
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Country: ENGLAND  IP Address:  Date: 28 Jul 2008 09:42:00 GMT

Comment: I have 2 budgies- a boy and a girl, brought together and are 2 years old- however i cannot seem to tame them and given the option- i.e. leaving the cage door open for periods of time they prefer to remain inside- they both still seem nervous of me the male rarely lets me touch him and the female never allows me to - i dont know whether i shouldbe worried???

Name: Heather Email: hmcrobb@north-ayrshire.gov.uk
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Country: UK  IP Address:  Date: 17 Aug 2008 10:54:00 GMT

Comment: This may seem like a silly question but if a cage has rust on it, is it possible to paint it to prevent the bird being harmed?

Name: Scott Email: scott_h1992@hotmail.com
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Country: UK  IP Address:  Date: 20 Aug 2008 13:43:08 GMT

Comment: i have a blue budgie, it is about 3 or 4 months old, i bought it from a shop around the corner, and at the moment, the cere is blue at the sides, and is brown and looks scabby in the middle, it alsi has a little bit white around the nostrals, but with the blue being there, it is rarther confusing me wether it is male of female, can you shed some light please?

Name: DEBORAH Email: nuilincolnheavyhorsestud@gmail.com
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Country: NEW ZEALAND  IP Address:  Date: 28 Aug 2008 07:52:38 GMT


Name: Kay Email: kay@kirbytent.com
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Country: USA  IP Address:  Date: 2 Sep 2008 23:45:31 GMT

Comment: Hi. A little background. I have 4 budgies and two of them have brown and tan cears and the 2 others are bright blue and purple so I'm fairly sure of their sex, however, one of the females which was originally with the other female before we introduced the males is acting very dominating and like she's a he. Is this normal? She doesn't really seem interested in any of them but she's very aggressive and and acts very dominating towards each of them. I have nest boxes on the cage already. Thx

Name: Steve Email: wendy.pratt@tesco.net
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Country: ENGLAND  IP Address:  Date: 3 Sep 2008 12:35:01 GMT

Comment: We had apair of 2 year old budgies til yesterday when 1 died. Would the remaining 1 accept a new partner and if so how long should we wait or is as soon as possible better

Name: Cindy Email: xxpuppyluver67xx@yahoo.com
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Country:   IP Address:  Date: 8 Oct 2008 00:30:00 GMT

Comment: hi!! i was wondering somthing. why does my parakeet's poop change color everyday? Somtimes its green, somtimes its super dark green, hten the next day, its light green! It is unpredictable! Is there somthing wrong? Or is it a regular thing? Please answer back!

Name: Eve Sheedy Email: Eve.Sheedy@wards.uk.com
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Country: UNITED KINGDOM  IP Address:  Date: 7 Nov 2008 13:47:31 GMT

Comment: I brought two budgies some time ago. Although they will come on my hand, they seem more concerned with each other than attention that I give to them or the rest of the family. Would separating them be better, as I have brought single budgies in the past and they have been much friendlier. I brought the two budgies about three months ago.

Name: Tammy Bode Email: peanut_cindy_2007@yahoo.com
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Name: mike Email: mikeeemac@hotmail.com
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Country: NEW ZEALAND  IP Address:  Date: 31 Dec 2008 21:59:44 GMT

Comment: I have a pure yellow hen and a blue /grey cock that have laid eggs ,what colours should i expect or possibly get when the eggs hatch etc

Name: Cameron Email: punkmaster_cj@homtail.com
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Country: CANADA  IP Address:  Date: 11 Jan 2009 14:23:54 GMT

Comment: Hi, I'm looking forward to buying a two budgies. Would I buy a male and female, male and male, or female and female? Also, if I bought mirrors would this distract the birds from anything? And by having two birds in the cage would it prevent them from being able to mimic? Thank you!

Name: Sarah Email: 
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Country: UK  IP Address:  Date: 27 Jan 2009 19:59:22 GMT

Comment: Hi, my mums 8 year old budgie has started to sleep for most of the day, he is still eating & drinking fine, he now rests on 2 legs instead of one, is this because of his age? she is wary of taking him to vets as its quite far away & doesn't want to stress him too much. He has a good diet with added tonic seed and is usually very chatty and has a large vocab of words. any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks, Sarah

Name: Jennifer Email: JerseyJMG@aol.com
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Country:   IP Address:  Date: 10 Feb 2009 19:22:00 GMT

Comment: Is it true that Budgie's cannot live without their partner after one dies? Are they considered love birds?

Name: Dianne Email: Dianneperry@fsmail.net
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Country: ENGLAND  IP Address:  Date: 28 Apr 2009 11:51:01 GMT

Comment: I got one budgie at 7 wks old, that was quite friendly. I introduced another,10 days later from the same clutch, but their now very nervous. They are 10 weeks old now, and we still can't finger tame them. Any ideas?

Name: Samantha Email: ma_spoon_is_to_big@hotmail.com
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Country: AUSTRALIA  IP Address:  Date: 21 May 2009 09:28:32 GMT

Comment: Hi, I have a small buiness in which i sell my budgies, but one pair have lately breeded and when they have little chicks ( 2-3weeks old) they peck at them and kill them! Im pretty sure they do becasue the mother has blood all other its beak and the baby budgies look obviosuly pecked at. Please help me i dont know what to do and i have taken the mother out of the cage to stop her from doing so

Name: Toby Walker Email: tob_e@hotmail.co.uk
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Country: ENGLAND  IP Address:  Date: 1 Jun 2009 18:50:14 GMT

Comment: my budgie will not fly. a few of his feathers are sticking out on his wing. he will walk about and hop on mu finger quite happily. i tried to get him to fly but all he did was hop off my finger, flalp his wings rappidly and fall to the ground. he has not had his wings clipped. he ism in the cage with another budgie. is it something serious or can it be sorted out simply. Please help me as i am really worried about him. Tahnkyou so much in advance. also, incase you needed to know, hes a boy!!!!!

Name: Helen Waterhouse Email: hwaterhouse@email2me.net
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Country: ENGLAND  IP Address:  Date: 11 Jun 2009 21:40:28 GMT

Comment: is it healthy for a male budgie to throw up at its reflection? there are no seeds in the sick it is just a white paste..... thank you

Name: Dejah Email: lmh2000lmh@hotmail.com
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Country: UNITED KINGDOM  IP Address:  Date: 3 Jul 2009 21:26:30 GMT

Comment: I brought a young male budgie almost a yr ago & spent time with him until he blew rasberries, gave kisses, he played & whistle he wouldn't go to anyone he came when i called him. My daughter's friend came over & stroked him the next day he attacked the living daylights out of me. Now he will not let me touch him and doesn't make the fun noises. This happened over night. He dilates his eyes like he's ready to shoot me. How can I get him back to how he was without getting bitten to death?

Name: Breanna Email: 
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Country:   IP Address:  Date: 11 Jul 2009 04:51:48 GMT

Comment: My two year old budgie[blue]has got a dry nose and i know how to fix it.

Name: joy Email: racers_2000@yahoo.com
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Country: INDIA  IP Address:  Date: 2 Aug 2009 08:10:09 GMT

Comment: symptoms in budgies while mating period and after how much time will female lay eggs after mating

Name: Matt Email: matt.riches@hotmail.com
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Country: AUSTRALIA  Date: 19 Aug 2009 12:13:36 GMT

Comment: Hi. firstly, great site! Q. My male budgie Ruby has recently developed 'scaly face' after consulting a Vet we were instructed to apply a paraffin solution daily for 4-5 days to the affected areas, this seems to be working. The spots are visibly shrinking, however for the past few days he has become quite disheveled looking with large patches of missing feathers, his tail has dropped and he seems to be tapping his feet in a weird way also. Is he stressed from the treatment, what should I do??

Name: Maria Email: maria.busch@hotmail.co.uk
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Country: N.IRELAND  Date: 22 Oct 2009 16:17:46 GMT

Comment: We have had our budgie for nearly two onths now and it really doesn't seem like it drinks any water at all. I change the water every other day and it never looks like it's been touched. What should I do?

Name: Gan Email: GanTheHanMan@gmail.com
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Country:   Date: 31 Dec 2009 01:17:57 GMT

Comment: Bubbles, the hen, sky blue colour is becoming less brilliant ie dull. Bubbles is not maulting . and we've only had her for a week. prior to this cage, she was kept in an aviary for about a year. what does this mean, when her colour is getting dull?

Name: paige (im 12) Email: 
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Country: CANADA  Date: 17 Apr 2010 15:48:12 GMT

Comment: my budgie (prettyboi) seems to be a girl .. we had another budgie in december so how long can a budgie hold in an egg for also i am worried that if my budgie finds out the egg wont hatch that she will eat it . but it is pink around the edges .. does that mean their is going to be a babybudgie. do u think my budgie should get a mate .. she is 1and a half so i am not sure if i should get a mate PLEASE HELP ME!!

Name: DEBBIE Email: debbie.engels@yahoo.com
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Country: SOUTH AFRICA  Date: 28 Aug 2010 20:05:51 GMT


Name: amber Email: hbdfkeajscrg@gfxfnhdisudhn.com
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Country: ENGLAND  Date: 1 Sep 2010 19:28:49 GMT

Comment: hi, my name is amber lilly morris, and i am ten years old i currently have 2 budgies one of them is called billy i have hade him for at least 6months and my over budgie is called ben i have hade him for 8weeks.ben is not flying proply is this usual at his age is he moulting ? thanks you for your time your sincerly amber

Name: amber Email: hbdfkeajscrg@gfxfnhdisudhn.com
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Country: ENGLAND  Date: 1 Sep 2010 19:28:49 GMT

Comment: hi, my name is amber lilly morris, and i am ten years old i currently have 2 budgies one of them is called billy i have hade him for at least 6months and my over budgie is called ben i have hade him for 8weeks.ben is not flying proply is this usual at his age is he moulting ? thanks you for your time your sincerly amber

Name: danielle Email: danielleweil@hotmail.com
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Country: CANADA   Date: 12 Sep 2010 18:58:31 GMT

Comment: hi i have a one year old male budgie. when we first got the budgie it was friendly it would sit on are finger and we could pet it. We let are budgie fly around and when it came back in it was not friendly anymore. Now it bites us. We didnt change the food diet , it always had food and water , it still chirps , and it flys on are head and baths in are water and eats are food. so why is my budgie not friendly anymore please help me danielle

Name: saad Email: saad.star@hotmail.co.uk
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Country: UK  Date: 20 Sep 2010 18:11:27 GMT

Comment: my budgie has a fat stomach, i have noticed it recently. is everything okay

Name: mary trafford Email: grandsonjay@aol.com
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Country: WALES  Date: 9 Aug 2011 09:40:09 GMT

Comment: i have a 11 month old budgie male who seems reasonably happy he gets let out of his cage about 3 times a day for a fly round and play. 2 months ago he caught and nicked his neck and has been scratching quite alot.i took him to the vets for treatment, and they said hes got himself in a cycle and scrathing. was advised maybe to get him a companion, would a male chick 6 to 8wks approx be suitable thanks appreciate any advise

Name: clairejones Email: claire_jones90@yahoo.co.uk
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Country: SCOTLAND  Date: 9 Aug 2011 21:39:23 GMT

Comment: hi there i got 10 week old budgie calleed rocky i got him come on to my hand now but just pass couple of days he been very strange he would come on to my hand then next time he wont then next time like he going for my finger what should i do. Wasnt sure if should start all over again with hand training

Name: Tsh Email: Tshdecor@live.ca
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Country: CANADA  Date: 12 Aug 2011 22:52:26 GMT

Comment: ******PLEASE ANSWER************** Our budgies were always fighting so I built them a habitat 5ft wide 1 ft deep and tall. With many toys perches ropes. Even a live tree .they climb up a rope to the top of a shelf onto a basket and they jump into their habitat and onto one of the screens I have made as a safety net . Their wings and tails are clipped .sometimes they will be playing and one will fall sometimes 7 ft and they land on the tile . My heart jumps up to my throat and every time they waddle to their ladder and climb up to their main area . My question is how far will they fall before they get hurt ? Do try fall further in the wild ?

Name: LISA Email: rlhoward@westnet.com.au
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Country: AUSTRALIA  Date: 26 Oct 2011 06:34:32 GMT

Comment: Our female budgie laid 4 eggs, 2 hatched, 2 never eventuated into baby budgies. The babies are now 3 months old and really healthy. About 3 weeks ago the mother was found lying on her back at the bottom of the avairy, legs in the air trying to kick herself to her back. We removed her from the avairy and kept her separated in a smaller cage. She seems unable to stand or perch properly, she topples over onto her back. After a week of this behavior we took her to the vet who Xrayed her thinking she may have been egg bound, but no, she was prescribed a liquid calcium & vitamin supplement, which has helped her gain a little more strength, but she is still not right. Shes a lovely bird and we are trying to all we can for her. She spends most of her day either climbing the wire or inside the nesting box. She can hover a little, but not fly or perch. Any idea what the problem may be?

Name: Flavio Onofre Email: Flavioonofre@hotmail.com
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Country: USA  Date: 15 Nov 2011 17:08:16 GMT

Comment: Hi, I have two pairs of bidgies in two different cages for about a month now with everything they need to mate but nothing is happeing so far I know one par is definaly male and female the other par definaly have a female but the male im not sure cause his cere is blue with a little pink why is that? Could it be a hen? What can I do so they start mating?

Name: Jackie Fennell Email: jackie.fennell@ntlworld.com
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Country: ENGLAND  Date: 22 Nov 2011 10:29:29 GMT

Comment: my young budgie wont play with his toys or chirp very often, if I put a mirror in his cage for company will he talk?

Name: Helen Email: xelene@live.com
Welcome Page:  http://ee  
Country: ESTONIA  Date: 9 Dec 2011 11:38:14 GMT

Comment: My female budgie got her first egg,but male budgie wont let her to lay on the egg. Please give me advice, what should I do?

Name: Ashley Email: ashfrye14@gmail.com
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Country: USA  Date: 11 Dec 2011 09:03:38 GMT

Comment: I have a male budgie (Frank "Frankie" Sinatra), I've had him for a year now. I just bought a new female budgie (Robin). The issue is that Frankie has kissed and fed her, then he also bites her on the face, not hard though. She's still shy and adjusting to everything. I had anticipated this and bought a large cage, a few new treat, toys, many playful perches, two food boxes, two water boxes (located in different places in cage, and took out mirror. I introduced her first then him. Whats going on?

Name: Tania Smith Email: taniasmith1@hotmail.co.uk
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Country: ENGLAND  Date: 20 Jan 2012 21:20:39 GMT

Comment: budgie is on bottom of cage.. i think it has damaged its wing or leg.. it gets up after a while then falls back down.. hate to see it in pain x

Name: elizabeth Email: elizmennie@gmail.com
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Country:   Date: 27 Jan 2012 15:32:45 GMT

Comment: HI, hope you can help me I have seperated my budgies 2 months ago and the female has just layed eggs. Would they be fertilised?.....thanks

Name: Linda Email: lthurston2@cogeco.ca
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Country: CANADA  Date: 2 Mar 2012 02:06:46 GMT

Comment: One more question to ask, My baby is not whislting either tonight i put on some budgies sounds from Utube to see if he would respond.. Again, he tried opening his mouth to chirp but no sound at all this is so unsual for Him.. I am scared here I don't want him to be like this.. What can I do for him... sleeping more freq,I feel there is a problem with his throat..Also, He keeps rubing his beek down on a special pirtch I have for him to keep it trim.. I even went and puchased a cuddle bone for him.. I even tried rubbing his throat and his lower abdo.. I work with people in the medical field no idea what to do with a budgie... thanks for any input would be appreicated...

Name: Sarah Email: pinkfishieundathesea@hotmail.com
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Country: AUSTRALIA  Date: 13 Mar 2012 01:13:46 GMT

Comment: Last night Leonard, one of my budgies died suddenly. his friend penny is very distressed. she is puffing out her feathers and shaking. i have gotten a new budgie to keep her company. is her behavior normal or should i be worried? Thanks, Sarah

Name: stephanie Email: namzi@paran.com
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Country: CANADA  Date: 3 Apr 2012 20:22:01 GMT

Comment: Hi! i have two pairs of budgies the person at the pet store said that they were both boys but one of them in the night it looks like a girl(near the nostril part) but it doesnt in the morning!! please help!!

Name: C Hughes Email: davidcherry@btinternet.com
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Country: ENGLAND  Date: 11 May 2012 16:06:34 GMT


Name: wilma Email: nina.68@live.co.uk
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Country: SCOTLAND  Date: 15 May 2012 10:04:18 GMT

Comment: my sons budjie pulling feathers out was told she was bored so we got 2 yound boys my sons says she still pulling them what can i do for her

Name: emily Email: emilydenhamgittos@hotmail.com
Welcome Page:  http://budgieworld.co.uk/27.html#  
Country: AUSTRALIA  Date: 6 Jul 2012 10:51:01 GMT

Comment: hi i have 6 budgies, 2 male and 4 female. when i first got them there where all together and happy and there were these two girls ber and anne, who were always together but now anne is being excluded and while the other 5 are sleeping all together at the top of the cage anne is down the botton ( still on branches) i have lots of food and water aswell as things to play with and branches. i was just wondering if you would know why this is happing? is she sick or pregnet? thankyou

Name: Yasir Email: my9711@yahoo.com
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Country: PAKISTAN  Date: 6 Oct 2012 16:37:19 GMT

Comment: I have one pair of budgies. They are not trying to love. they are young healthy and adult but no response

Name: Yasir Email: my9711@yahoo.com
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Country: PAKISTAN  Date: 6 Oct 2012 16:38:26 GMT

Comment: My female budge is changing his voice after breeding. what happen

Name: megan louise moore Email: missymisssmoore@gmail.com
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Country:   Date: 17 Oct 2012 17:48:33 GMT

Comment: i need help my budgie is not abel to keep im self up and i up set please help me i want him to come through

Name: jatoi Email: jqamarunnisa@yahoo.com
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Country: PAKISTAN  Date: 7 Nov 2012 07:26:16 GMT

Comment: my budg haven't breed regularly please give me suggestion thanks

Name: Gabriella Email: 
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Country: AUSTRALIA  Date: 31 Dec 2012 08:45:03 GMT

Comment: My new budgie is biting me REALLY HARD and my little sister has a male (I have a female) and her budgie stopped biting her so i don't know how to make her stop could you please help? (i took her out of the cage twice today and today was the day i got her, same with my sister) its store bought and she has 2 other budgies in her cage she is getting along with them but not me

Name: Maddie Kelly Email: maddie_shaaae_kelly@live.com
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Country: AUSTRALIA  Date: 5 Feb 2013 09:08:27 GMT

Comment: I have a cockatiel and I know this is a budgie website but this is the closest website I can get too. My cockatiel has a seed treat hanging on the roof of her cage and lately shes being lying on it and chirping softly. I don't know what she's doing! I'm just really worried and I don't want to take her to the vet yet because we are running low on money. If you have any possible answers I would like to hear them. Please reply soon. THANKS!

Name: Renee Email: Naynay21@live.com.au
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Country: SA  Date: 8 Mar 2013 10:00:59 GMT

Comment: Just wondering we have a avary with 14 budgies most female only one female lauded eggs she layed five the other day I found three on the ground with little holes in them so she had two left today I went out there the mummy budgie has a hole in the back of her head and the other budgies won't let her near the nest box and keep attacking her what's wrong ?

Name: jane Email: wraxalllady@aol.com
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Country: UK  Date: 15 Dec 2013 16:55:49 GMT

Comment: Sadly my budgie has just died and l know it was very old but not exactly how old so was wonderin if anyone could tell me by its number which is B5746 002 thank you

Name: wendy Email: wendydunduncan36@yahoo.com
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Country:  NORTH WALES  Date: 27 Jan 2014 13:31:23 GMT

Comment: Hi....we have a budgie approx 16 weeks old we bought him from a pet shop he has started to tap his feet lifting each paw of his perch making a tap tap sound should we get him a partner ...

Name: Ann Email: amhowlett66@hotmail.com
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Country: ENGLAND  Date: 15 Aug 2015 09:42:22 GMT

Comment: Bought a budgie a couple of months ago and when we put a lamp on he turns his back to the lamp and there only got 4G watt bulb in the lamps. Was wondering if Joey might have something wrong with either both eyes or one.Also he doesn't fly from perch to perch he climbs on the bars to get to where he wants to be.My mom as a budgie and he's not bothered about the lights been on.

Name: lisa Email: lisabartle123@gmail.com
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Country: UNITED KINGDOM  Date: 9 Aug 2016 20:02:03 GMT

Comment: hiya i need some advice, i bought a budget thats 3 months old and she bites all the time they said she was tamed but she not she bites all the time, how do you tame them coz this budgie is not having any off it