Birdroom Security

Birdroom & Aviary Security

Having suffered at the hands of bird thieves ourselves, I am pleased to recommend a preventative alert system for birdroom/aviary security that uses to GSM mobile phone technology to let you know if there is a problem.

It is fully wireless, does not need any professional installation and has battery backup in case of a power failure.  You also get a text message if the power fails and the unit is running on battery backup with another message when the power returns.

The Vibsolas Gea system uses motion sensors rather than PIR sensors as used by most alarm systems.  These motion sensors are far more accurate and can be positioned to protect vulnerable areas to give accurate alerts and to avoid annoying false alarms making it ideal in circumstances where animals are moving about.

The following video provides more information about this product.

Another great advantage of the Vibsolas Gea is that the main unit and sensors also monitor temperature and alerts can be programmed to let you know if your birdroom is getting too hot or too cold.  It is also possible to send a request to the Vibsolas unit at anytime to get an update on the temperatures of all sensors and the main unit.

Some of the things that I like about the Vibsolas system are:

  • Quick & easy to set up (you can be up and running 5 minutes out of the box)
  • Flexible positioning of security sensors
  • Sends text messages to me anywhere in the world
  • Not triggered by birds flying around
  • Sends a text message if the power fails
  • The sensors are dust & water resistant (IP55)
  • The system could also be expanded to cover your home too !

The Vibsolas system is now available in the UK and can be ordered via one of our sponsors Proven It

Click here for more information and to order a Vibsolas Gea online