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UK - Recessive Pied Specialist

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Cliff (right) & Darren (left) shown receiving their award for Best Recessive Pied Young Bird in show at the Budgerigar Society World Show.  The award was presented by the then BS President & Recessive Pied Breeder Geoff Capes.


C & D Jones bred budgies for over 30 years, and were members of the Budgerigar Society since 1984.  We had been Champion Budgerigar Breeders since 1995, and are proud to have once held the record of over 10 years success of continually finishing in the top 10 BS Challenge Certificate Ranking tables in the UK.  Quite a feat considering at that time the BS had over 3,000 members!

 New Mutation ? - The Coalville "Coalface"

The Coalface Budgie!!!A World First ?
Is this the Worlds first black faced Budgie! All of the feathers on the face of this very special bird are black where they would ordinarily be either yellow (Green series birds) or white (Blue series birds)


Being based in the town of Coalville, Leicestershire (UK), there could only be one suitable name for this bird, hence the "Coalface" was born !

For more information, pictures and press clippings on this very rare and special budgerigar, please see the "Gallery" pages



Cliff & Darren Jones were members of the following Clubs & Soceities:

  • The Budgerigar Society (BS)
  • Midland Budgerigar Association (MBA)
  • Budgerigar World (BW)
  • Variegated Budgerigar Society (VBS)
  • Spangle Budgerigar Breeders Association (SBBA)
  • Crested Budgerigar Club (CBC)
  • Leicestershire Budgerigar and Foreign Bird Society (LB & FBS)
  • Melton Mowbray Budgerigar Society (MMBS)
  • Notts and Derby Budgerigar Society (NDBS)
  • Trent Valley Budgerigar and Foreign Bird Society (TVB & FBS)
  • North West Leicestershire Budgerigar Society (NWLBS )

Links to some of the above societies budgie websites can be found on our Budgie Links section of this site.

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